Institute of Welding and Metallurgy in St. Petersburg (IWM LLC) was established in 2012. IWNANO is the scientific innovative company in the field of welding and additive production. The field of our scientific interests includes: welding metallurgy, welding technologies, equipment and materials, nanotechnology, nanostructured, composite materials and bimetallic components. The main activity of IWNANO is scientific, scientific research and project design in the field of technical and natural sciences.


Our Laboratories:


  1. Laboratory for arc welding and additive technologies;

  2. Laboratory for welding metallurgy and welding materials;

  3. Laboratory for underwater welding and cutting;

  4. Laboratory for functional plasma coatings;

  5. Laboratory for electron-beam and laser technology;

  6. Laboratory for computer simulation;

  7. Laboratory for nondestructive testing and metallography.


Within the sphere R & D, we specialize in the design and manufacture of non-standard welding, surfacing and additive equipment, the pilot production of welding materials, solid and flux cored welding wires, activating agents for welding fluxes.

We can provide non-destructive testing services, including visual-measuring, ultrasonic, dye penetrant inspection, mechanical testing, metallographic analysis of steels and alloys. Our laboratories provide services for the pilot production of welded structures, building-up, spraying, heat treatment and machining of steels, titanium, aluminum, copper, nickel alloys and cast irons.


Objective: To promote the development of science and technology through the effective use of the intellectual potential of society.


Motto: Achievement of the objective for our future.

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