Composite welding wires for steels

Welding of high-strength and cold-resistant steels is complicated by the occurrence of cold cracks and the reduction of impact strength at low temperatures. We have developed the welding wires with the nanocomposite coating for welding in shielding gases and for flux core welding.

Composite welding wires for Al-, Ti-alloys

Weldability of Al-alloys is complicated due to oxide films, the occurrence of hot cracks, grain growth. When welding Ti alloys, there is a high probability of cold cracks. We have developed the welding wires with the nanocomposite coating that are used for TIG-, MIG-welding to improve the microstructure and mechanical properties of welded joints.

Flux core wires for underwater wet welding

Underwater manual welding is carried out by divers using the covered electrodes in hazardous conditions. We developed the technology of mechanized underwater wet welding and flux-cored wires for mechanized underwater welding and steel cutting in water at depths of up to 200 m in accordance with ANSI/AWS D3.6M:2010.

Activating fluxes for TIG-welding of Cr-Ni-, Al-, Ti-alloys

TIG-welding in the inert gas of high-alloy steels and non-ferrous alloys is complicated by their chemical activity. To improve the microstructure, mechanical properties and increase the penetration depth for TIG welding, we have developed a number of activating fluxes for welding of Cr-Ni-, high-strength steels, Ti, Al, Ni, Cu alloys.

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