PlasmaHit-4001 Plasma Building-up Complex

We offer the design and delivery of mechanized, automated, robotic complexes for high-quality plasma building-up of functional, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, anticorrosive coatings.

SmartArc-5001 Complex for Additive Arc Production

We offer the design and turnkey delivery of the hybrid SmartArc Complex for additive arc growth of the products with complex shapes made of steels and alloys using the technology of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing – WAAM.

Amphibia-3001 Underwater Welding and Cutting Complex

We offer the supply of the complex for underwater mechanized welding and cutting of steels by the flux cored wire at depths up to 200 meters.

WindArc-3501 Arc Welding Complex for windy conditions

We offer the supply of the complex for manual and mechanizedTIG-, MIG/MAG-weldingin the atmosphere of shielding gasesin conditions of gusts of wind, drafts and low temperatures.

TwinArc-5000 Complex for welding aluminum alloys

IWNANO is the developer of the patented TwinArc-5000 complex and TwinArc technology - single-pass arc welding of Al-alloys of high thickness by double arc. This complex and technology is designed for single-pass welding of aluminum and magnesium alloys up to 40 mm thickness or steels up to 20 mm thickness.

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